Part 1: Helping Your Kids Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Courtney Zentz

"Sleep is the foundation of the home." While other things are also foundational, this thought from child sleep expert Courtney Zentz is so right!

We have all observed the increased levels of grumpiness, fighting, and stress, and decrease in motivation, connection, and willingness that occur after one or more family members have a poor night’s sleep.

We have long known that sleep is foundational to our family culture, and that we want to improve our sleep habits. If we only had a dollar for every time we have said, “If we could just get to bed earlier.” Which is usually followed by, “If we could just get our kids into bed earlier.”

Which is why we decided to interview Courtney!

In the interview we gained a host of helpful insights and tips regarding child nighttime hyperness; sleep habits vs. sleep needs; helping our kids rooms be more supportive of bedtime; different products that are supportive for children’s sleep; sleep shaping, training; and behavior modification at different ages; and more.

If you feel a need to improve your child ’s sleep (and by extension yours) then check out this interview!