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even if you don’t know where to start, don’t have much time, or have struggled to maintain positive life changes

Be Whole. Do Good. helps your cup be full, so you can live fully and show up for those you love

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Dale G.

"I have been able to identify what I want to change about my life and how I can make those changes with simple steps."

Natalie K.

"I have seen progress in my day-to-day happiness and do not sweat the small stuff as much.  That has led me to be a calmer parent, and I am now imparting what I am learning to my children."

Lori G.

"I have happily discovered effective methods to improve myself, be more joyful, and find healing in areas of my psyche which have long distressed me."

Our online courses are unique in the way they...

Simplify Life Improvement

Using a proven habit formation method, desired life changes are broken down to super tiny, consistent habits that compound naturally and easily

Progress What Matters Most

All learning is done with a focus of progressing a specific area of deep personal importance and finding what works best for you individually

Address the Whole Self

Meeting our whole-person needs leads to living fully and showing up well. Our courses span spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional well-being

Provide a Powerful Peer Community

The integrated peer forum associated with each course provides a warm and personalized environment for encouragement, insight, collaboration, and inspiration

Have Global Impact

A portion of all profits are donated to fund meaningful humanitarian projects around the world, addressing needs like poverty, education, human trafficking, and more

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Natalie K.

"The peer forum is incredibly supportive. Sometimes it’s easy for online learning to feel as remote as it actually is, however, Be Whole. Do Good. courses do not feel remote despite being 100% online and on videos."

Dr. Dave S., PhD

"I love the trusted and research-based information I learn from Be Whole. Do Good.

It’s been a go-to resource for information for personal well-being and I find myself coming back again and again."

Hannah D.

"Be Whole. Do Good. has helped me be more intentional about finding the time to focus on my wellbeing and has given me many helpful toolkits."


Are you ready to become the emotional leader of your home?

Emotional leadership in the home starts with the way you model healthy emotional regulation.  Grow in your own skills of regulating emotions, and gain the insight of how to help your loved ones do the same, in this new course: 

Processing Difficult Emotions
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