Make Wellness Accessible To Your Children So Your Family Can Flourish

Even if you feel overwhelmed or stretched thin

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Resources to help your family grow in whole-person well-being:
Resources to help your family grow in whole-person well-being:

The influence of modern culture on our kids can feel so strong.

Do you:

Worry about the negative impact of technology and social media?

Desire your kids to have strong mental and physical health?

Feel a lack of structure and ease in learning wellness as a family?

If so, we get it.

We have deeply desired to prepare our kids for the challenges of our day, in a way that fits naturally into the flow of family life.

Hello, we're Todd and Ashley Marchant.

As homeschoolers, we have found great success in using online learning resources to teach our kids difficult concepts.  But when we searched for similar resources to help our family grow in different areas of wellness, we were surprised at the lack of quality resources available.

We created Be Whole Do Good to make wellness practices relatable and accessible to kids, in a way that is convenient and enjoyable for the whole family.

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“As intentional parents, we have been grasping at ideas to simplify our family’s growth but our steps to do so have felt sluggish. This has given us the unburdening we have needed. We are so excited to continue on this journey with our family and to have the support of Be Whole Do Good!” 
– The Roberts, family of 6 kids, ages 1-15

You can have a family culture that joyfully cultivates:

Resilience and Confidence

through processing difficult emotions

Caring for the Body

and feeling energized each day

Love and Compassion

for yourself and others

Presence and Purpose

with a connection to a higher power

Connection and Belonging

with friends and family

Curiosity and Creativity

with a love of learning

Family culture influences the way each family member thinks, feels, and acts on a daily basis, and is the foundation upon which our kids build their future.

Our Method

A simple approach that works for the whole family

1. Learn a Principle

Use short, engaging videos to gain a shared understanding of a key principle of wellness

2. Integrate it into Daily Family Life

Begin practicing that principle on an ongoing basis through mini-family habits and conversations

3. See Your Kids Blossom

Experience the joy of your kids' growth and reaching their full potential

Try it out soon!
“We love the personal connection felt throughout, and having videos to watch really simplifies things. I’ve caught myself throughout my days using the tools we now have.  I’m so grateful!”
– Sara D., mother of 3 kids, ages 5-9

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Give your kids the emotional tools they need to navigate life well


Emotional Intelligence

A 5-Week Series of Family Content

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“I love how Be Whole Do Good resources involve the entire family! It has helped our daily mindset- even with all the craziness of the world around us.  It has helped us connect to ourselves internally as well as grow our relationships with each other. ”
– Brandon D., traveling RV family of 5

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What our community is saying...

Natalie K.

"My most salient learning has been that I am not my thoughts and how to feel my feelings more. Because of that I have seen progress in my day-to-day happiness and do not sweat the small stuff as much. That has led me to be a calmer parent, and my children are learning these things along with me.”

Maxwell D.

“Be Whole Do Good has allowed me to slow down, love myself a bit more, and better connect with people around me. While I'm still not perfect, I have found a fresh courage in myself that has allowed me to push past my previous limits. I'm very grateful for how this has helped me take greater control of life through small and simple means.”

Hannah D.

"Be Whole Do Good has helped me intentionally find the time to focus on well-being and has given many helpful toolkits."