Part 2: Eliminating Food Battles and Taking the Stress out of Feeding Your Family with Sarah Ladden

Do you have a picky eater? Ever experience friction in your family around eating? Then like us you likely have felt at a loss about how to better support your child(ren) and improve the sense of family connection and joy around eating.

In fact, it was from this place of worry and desire for deeper understanding that we reached out to family feeding expert, Sarah Ladden.

Sarah’s focus is not on what we should feed our families, but how to feed them in a way that leads to connection, joy, trust, autonomy.

This interview felt like the best free 1-hour consultation we could have ever received.

There are so many insights we received, including how to help kids (even picky eaters) have an intrinsic curiosity with food from a safe and confident place, what a good feeding schedule looks like, what is our and our kids roles in eating and how to stay in them, the ultimate goal of our kids relationship with food, how eating disorders fit in all this, and more.

We hope you find the interview as insightful as we did!