Part 2: Feed Your Mental Health with Dr. Drew Ramsey

When our mental health is struggling so much can feel out of our control. Finding something in our control that directly and powerfully contributes to healing and progress can be such a comfort and source of hope.

During one particularly difficult time we discovered through some tests that certain important nutrients for brain health were lacking, the type of brain health associated with mental wellness. That discovery was like a lifeline. We learned what foods were dense in those nutrients and began intentionally incorporating them. Those subtle shifts in our diet became a foundational component of healing and progress.

Mental health is complex, with so many different contributing factors. There is no one answer or silver bullet. But focusing on feeding our mental health continues to be one of the tools we turn to prevent and face our mental health challenges.

In this interview with Dr. Drew Ramsey learn what foods are most associated with brain health and mental fitness, as well as practical ways to incorporate those foods.