$79 USD

Emotional Intelligence for Kids

A series of kid-friendly videos, discussion prompts, guided meditations, and mastermind lectures to establish a family culture of:

  • Naming your emotions
  • Utilizing your breath to feel more calm
  • Reframing setbacks
  • Asking the question, "What do I need?"
  • Creating lasting habits of emotional intelligence


For a Limited Time: 5 live group coaching calls focused on establishing desired family habits.  Sessions will be led by Todd Marchant, founder of Be Whole Do Good and a Tiny HabitsĀ® certified coach.  All session recordings will be available for 6-months. 

Due to capacity constraints, this bonus will be available for only the next 100 individuals who sign-up.  Normally, this coaching is reserved for higher tier programs.


Bonus: 4 original, mastermind lectures for deeper learning and additional tools:

  1. Breaking Generational Trauma While Fostering Resilience in Children and Youth - Alfiee Breland-Noble, PhD
  2. Using Neuroscience to Conquer Unnecessary Stress and Self-Doubt - Alex Korb, PhD
  3. The "How To" Path for Building Unwavering Confidence - Joan Rosenberg, PhD
  4. Happiness in Difficult Times: Post-Traumatic Growth in the Making - Maria Sirois, PsyD